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What is FGTO?

FGTO is a shopping website and an E-commerce platform where charity
organizations, individuals, and companies can purchase goods using FRTS coin.

They can purchase all daily necessities such as food, beverages, fruits, rehabilitation products, health & food supplements, and stationery via the platform. By adopting initiatives and promoting the concept of environmental protection, GTO also works with various suppliers to donate and sell stock lots or end of line products at below cost on the website.

Only FRTS coin you can use

FRTS coin is crypto currency.
You can use only FRTS coin to buy productions at FGTO.

FRTS is a platform that provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, connecting the different stakeholders in the non-profit space and ensuring transparency and traceability of all donations. 

You can buy FRTS coin at Bitmart.


The primary objective of FGTO is to respond to emergencies around the globe and to provide disaster relief services to massive scale catastrophes. FGTO delivers both immediate and long-term necessities for post-disaster community reconstruction. On this website, donors can purchase food, water, apparel and construction 8 9 materials or whatever is needed by those in the disaster area and donate these to those charitable organizations onsite.

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“Fruits belong to everybody. At the core of the Fruits Project is charity. Charity is a universal core value of all religions, as well as nations, even those that may be at odds with each other. It may be the only thing everybody can agree to agree with..”

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  • website:  www.fruitsc.org


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